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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

A Father’s Day Easy Peasy Apple, Walnut, and Goat Cheese Salad

My husband is not a fan of Father’s Day. He is secretly an introvert although his vocation requires him to be extrovert. Going out to eat on Father’s Day with all the crowds is like a punishment. He might as well go to the DMV and stand in line for 4 hours. He also thinks its weird for the kids to have to celebrate him for something that he chose (becoming a dad) and they didn’t choose. He would rather celebrate them…and he did by working on their playhouse.

I convinced him to at least let us make him a fancy meal at home so that the kiddos could help me make it and we could serve it to him and honor him at least for one meal. He complied and I made him watch some cooking shows with me to come up with the perfect menu. Funny thing is that we didn’t use any of the cooking show recipes, he wanted my version of them. Strange guy! Ree Drummond is way better than I am but whatever floats his boat. Here is the menu he picked out.

Mac N Cheese with Bacon

Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignion

Roasted Cauliflower

Some fancy salad

Mac N Cheese with Bacon.

He asked for my mom’s mac n cheese recipe. Then he said, no even better, he wanted my version of my mom’s mac n cheese but this time he wanted it with bacon. (Sorry mom!) The Bacon idea was from an episode of Pioneer Woman. By the way, I am not sure if he will ever let me make mac n cheese without bacon. I am telling you, the smoky bacon flavor throughout the entire dish was something I have never tasted before!

Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignion

This too was on an episode of Pioneer Woman. We don’t live in a busy city and we are at the mercy of whatever our little grocery store has on hand. I asked him his top 3 meat cuts in order of his preference and was settled to come home with any combination if they didn’t have enough of one. Turns out they had individual filets already wrapped in bacon, and they were on sale. So I just bought those and cooked them on the stove top. (He loved them, I forgot to season them though.)

Roasted Cauliflower

He actually didn’t ask for any cauliflower but I needed to serve a vegetable and contrary to popular belief…bacon is not a vegetable. And it is so easy to just roast it and my kiddos gobble it up.

Some Fancy Salad

I did nothing more than went to the produce section of the grocery store and started picking out fancy ingredients. I won’t lie, it was an expensive salad. But the way I see it, it was way to celebrate my husband and still save money and time by not going to an over crowded, over priced steak house. First I grabbed a bottle of $4.99 Panera Fuji Apple Vinaigrette (so over priced but when we lived closer to a Panera, it was what my husband always ordered when we went.) Next, I grabbed a container of spring mix 50/50 lettuce. I think it was $4 so we are already talking $9!! Crazy. Next I grabbed a bag of glazed walnuts, never tried them but thought it would go well. I picked up only one apple. Don’t remember the name of it but it was one I had never heard of before. After that it was on to the cheese department. I picked up a 4 oz container of my family’s favorite cheese…goat cheese!

It is such an easy salad to make. I dumped the lettuce in a bowl, put ½ the container of walnuts in the bowl, sliced the apple as thinly as my very old dull knife would let me and threw it in too. I then took the 4 oz package of goat cheese and used a fork to crumble it up and dump it in the bowl too. 4oz is the smallest size they sell, I probably could have just done ½ the size but we vowed never to put goat cheese back into the fridge because we always forget about it and hate to see money wasted…and good cheese wasted. So all 4 oz made it into the salad. I then poured ½ the bottle of the apple vinaigrette and mixed it all together with my tongs. The only thing I would have changed about this recipe is I would have added more lettuce to stretch the ingredients out further. Let’s just say this, my 4 year old preferred the salad over anything else and ate seconds of it! And the next day she asked if I was making the yummy salad again.

I still have ½ the bottle of dressing in my fridge. I am just waiting on another occasion where I can justify a $15 salad. (but wait, it would only be $10 since I have the dressing) Hmmm!

Here is a picture of the yummy fancy salad that made our Father’s Day meal complete!


And here is a picture of the man we celebrated. I call him Bub. My kiddos call him Poppy! He is holding our Mr. Malachi. Next to him is Anna Beth but I just write AB for short. Her Auntie Vienna was the only one who really called her AB though. AB thinks her Poppy hung the moon. Next to AB is Lyds, which is what we call her. Lyds is short for Lydia. Some times we call her Lydia Gross which is her nick name instead of Lydia Grace, well because sometimes she is just gross. Lydia is drawn to her Poppy like a magnet and if he is sitting anywhere, she worms her way into his lap. Behind Lydia is Rev, he is our dog. His name is sort for Reverend. And then there is me, the one behind the camera (99.8% of the time)!


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