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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

A Surprise Prayer Time at the Food Bank

A Surprise Prayer Time at the Food Bank

On day two of our homeschool year, I thought why not take a field trip. I stopped by our town’s food bank last week to make sure it was ok to stop in for kind of a behind the scenes look at the whole operation. Of course on the way there today, I gave all the reminders for polite behavior and good manners. I even prompted them with some good questions to ask.

The volunteers were happy to see us and answered all of our questions. We got to see some donuts from Dunkin Donuts show up and some chicken from KFC was delivered too. They let us put our 4 items we brought as donations on the shelves in the right spots too. We signed in and logged our donation. I asked that they kind of walk us through what it would be like if it was our family receiving the donation. It was fun to look on at all the shelves.

It was really cool to see a local resident drop off tomatoes and peppers from her garden. We enjoyed watching them break down the chicken donation and also bag up the donuts for each family to have.

There wasn’t much for us to do, so I being the field trip leader was trying to keep the learning experience going. I asked the girls what are ways we can keep helping the food bank. We came up with a couple. Our family can keep making donations. We can pray that the businesses keep donating food. We can pray that God would bless each family that receives the food. We can pray that God would have our orchard overflow next year and we could share….and then all of the sudden, my Anna blurts out, “Mommy, we could pray over all of the food right here!” DUH!!! Why didn’t I think of that! I asked her if she could do it right then and there!

Without missing a beat she bows her head and begins, “Dear Jesus, Please bless all of this food here. Please bless the families receiving it. In Jesus name, AMEN!” And would you believe that when we opened our eyes, the other volunteers had joined us in prayer too! One even said that was the most precious thing they had ever seen. The pray was simple but what thrilled me the most was that number 1 it was her idea. Secondly, it was so natural for her to do it! And lastly, she wasn’t ashamed or nervous! This is just how we roll. The fact that the other volunteers got to look on was bonus!

I was shocked to learn that 300 families from our town and a couple surrounding towns are fed each month and we are so happy to be a part of it, albeit small. Jesus may they all know you!


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