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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

A Text Conversation Between My Dad and I

On the way to bowling last night I had a chance to chat with my dad. As I was closing the conversation I shared with him how horrible I have been bowling lately and my dread of possibly letting my team down another night as I am trying to figure out my “game”. Anyways he said text me your scores. Maybe the pressure of knowing you have to share your scores with me will make you do better. I said sounds good and if I bowl anything less than 120 tell me I suck.

I am pretty good for the most part. My high has been 172. I have gotten a turkey in the 10th frame at least 10 times. My average is 124. In my defense tonight was a fluke because someone was trying to help me with being more consistent. Instead of a 110 one game and a 150 the next. Anyways they were genuinely trying to help me but it was throwing me off and I was too nervous to say no thanks (I did by the 3rd game).

Here is how our text went:

ME: 78 are you freakin kidding me?

MY DAD: You suck!

ME: U have no idea. Eighty freakin five

ME: Got a double!

MY DAD: That’s good. But the eighty five sucks!

ME: Ended with 111

MY DAD: You suck!

MY DAD: But that’s a big improvement.

MY DAD: Sorry, I couldn’t stay in character.

MY DAD: What can I say. I’m an encourager.


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