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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

A Yard Sale On a Thursday?!

A Yard Sale On a Thursday?!

My kiddos are so blessed by loving grandparents (real and adopted) and aunties and uncles and neighbors and friends. How blessed you ask? So blessed that I rarely have to buy anything for them. Clothes, candy, shoes, snacks, books, school supplies, care packages, trips to the candy store…we are set. Please here me when I say this, I am not bragging. I am just very thankful and very aware of God’s provision. Every now and then I find myself wanting to get something for my kids. Not because we need anything but because there is something special about buying something and bringing it home to my kiddos and seeing their faces light up!

The opportunity presented it self last week…I was on the way to the library on a Thursday morning at 10am. It was unseasonably cool too. ok, it was freezing. Why in the world they were having a yard sale on a Thursday in the middle of fake-spring weather is beyond me.

I took Malachi to his class and on the way home thought to myself…ok, I have a little cash, let me just stop in and look. Well I found this really cool tackle box / tool box looking thing. It was super heavy and I thought it would be cool for holding Malachi’s books or match box cars or something. It looked really old and needed no work to make it ready for his room, well I could have scrubbed a little dirt off of it. They were asking $10 for it but I pulled out some cash and asked if they would take $5. They said sure. I snapped some pictures of some other items and went home to drop off my sleepy Malachi baby and grab some more cash.


 Dustin was working from home and was on a conference call. I motioned to him for cash and he said he was out. I scrounged around upstairs and emerged with a few more dollars. I scrolled through my pictures with him and he was….well let’s just say he wasn’t as excited as I was. I could tell he needed to get back to work. I’m about to make a big furniture purchase without him…hope he is ok with it. I drove back to the yard sale a mile away. It was still there, a trunk/window seat. It will be perfect for the girls dress up clothes and fit perfectly in the middle of their bay window in our Victorian house and I can use some fancy project paint my husband had just bought me. They were asking $10 for it. I put $7 dollars in one pocket and $3 in the other. The cash in hand approach worked the last time let me try it again. I pulled out the $7 and fanned it in my hand. I asked if they would take $7 for the trunk (fully willing to pull out the other $3 if needed) and they said yes.


 Wow, a wooden tool box and a large trunk for $12. This is great. I folded the seats down in my van, thanked the kind man for putting it in my car and started to drive off…but then it caught my eye. Surely not. There is no way I am about to turn my car around again and go back to the same yard sale a 3rd time. The further I drove past it the more it called me back. Dustin is going to be building a clubhouse for the girls this summer and we all know that every clubhouse needs a captain’s wheel off of a “real” ship!! I turned around and grabbed all the cash and coins I could find. $6.28.

They chuckled when they saw me pull up. “Back for more?”, they joked. I picked up with wheel and looked at the price. Of course it was $10 again. They are gonna filp and think that I am working the system or something. I walked up to the table, withholding my cash this time. I said, “ok, this is it. This is all the cash I have. It says $10 but all I have is $6.28. You won’t hurt my feelings if you say no, however my husband is building a club house this summer and it NEEDS this and I couldn’t not ask you.” The lady, now realizing my strategy (which honestly wasn’t my strategy it just happened that way) sighed and groaned and then agreed.


Of course I thanked her profusely and then drove the whole way home with a big ol smile!

Antique Tool Box…. they were asking for $10 and I paid $5.

Trunk …they were asking for $10 and I paid $7.

Ship’s Wheel…they were asking for $10 and I paid $6.28.

As I added it all up I felt guilty. I just spent $18.28 on things that we do not need. But then I instantly thought, when was the last time I spent $20 on my kids for anything other than groceries….I couldn’t remember. Right then and there the guilt went away. I got to splurge on my kiddos!


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