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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

An Investment Meeting

An Investment Meeting


I hate the word date night. We never dated before we were married, we courted. Now that we are married and are 15 and a half years down the road…I look at moments that some call date nights as an investment meeting. 

We don’t get many chances just because of our schedules and the fact that both sets of grandparents are out of state. When we are finally able to get away I don’t cringe at menu prices and I chug caffeine so that the late night hours aren’t wasted. I mean seriously, I only get 4, maybe 5 of these nights a year. 
I see this as a time to invest into our marriage, each other, our future as a couple, our future as a family…and so on. It’s our chance to kinda so a reality check…is what we are doing working? Is my husband ok? Are we too stressed? What do we need to change? I also think it’s sounds way less cheesy to say we have an investment meeting to go to than a date night! And intentionally calling it an investment changes our mindset before the night even begins! 
Today’s investment meeting includes a quick stop by Hobby Lobby for 1,000 animal balloons to be used later this week for ministry. Then on to Starbucks. Since we have been traveling, Dustin needs good wifi. I brought along some school papers that need to be checked over and graded. Is this my idea of a great “date”? Why not…we are together and have no kiddos competing for our eyeballs. I have to get these papers graded and he has to “make pennies” so why not sit side by side and knock it out with an occasional hand holding session or two! 

Next is dinner and a movie. So many of you have recommended we see the movie War Room. Not bragging but one friend even went as far as to say that Dustin could have written it. For as long as I’ve know Dustin plus 7 years before that he has had a prayer closet. I’m interested in seeing this movie’s take on it. 
I’m thankful to be able to leave my kiddos with my mother in law! And I’m thankful that my kiddos beg us to leave so they can “get the party started”! Time for me to sign off and do some more hand holding! 

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