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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

Another Ten Ways I Have Made My Life Easier

Another Ten Ways I Have Made My Life Easier

If you enjoyed the Ten Ways I Have Made My Life Easier post, then you will love this one too! In no particular order here are more of my mom hacks!! Below is a list of things I have learned along the way as a mom of 3 kiddos. These simple things that I do that have huge impacts on our day to day life. I hope you find them as useful as I do.


#1 Two Gallons of Milk

If you are gonna buy one gallon you might as well buy 2. There is nothing more frustrating then being out of milk and waiting till the next day to get more is out of the question. I have found that the times I run into the store just for a gallon of milk rarely ever end up being just the one gallon. There is always something else added to the bill. To stay true budget, it is easier for us to plan the trip out and stick to our meal plan. Our milk never even gets close to the expiration date unless we are traveling. And if it does get close, I just make French toast.



#2 The Milk Line

Do you have a milk line in your house? We do. It is where the shelf touches the gallon jug. If the milk is above that line, then the kiddos know not to pick it up but if the milk is under that line, my 5 year old and 8 year old know they are allowed to get the milk out themselves. It is light enough that the chance of disaster is greatly reduced and if there was a disaster, then I’m not losing a full gallon and I’m happy to lose $1.25 worth of milk for them to gain learning experience. I always want to push the boundaries on their capabilities. Why wait till you KNOW they can do it. You never know what day it will click and it might be sooner than you expected it. (I’m not just talking about milk now.)



#3 Frozen Lasagna

There are days when you just don’t feel like cooking. It could be after a crazy awesome field trip or a day of chores. Your husband could be out of town and you kids are a little frazzled. Doctor appointments all day long? Spend the whole day switching out the kiddos clothes for a new size or a new season? Sometimes its just easier to throw in this $7.99 lasagna, open up a jar of green beans and call it a day. Sometimes you just need that get out of jail free card. I use it sparingly because honestly I do not want to add an extra 8 bucks to each week’s grocery bill and the more you use it the less it has its charm. I love looking in the freezer and seeing that lasagna stare at me and I can almost laugh at it and say nope, not today! Today I have the energy to get a meal on the table without help!



#4 Our Morning List

Wearable to do lists have totally revolutionized our family’s morning before school routine! Here is an explanation of how we use it Our Morning List….A Before School Routine and here is a free printable / template so you can switch it up and make it work for your family The Morning List Spreadsheet You All Requested.



#5 Our Just in Case Basket

I put this post up earlier this week because I knew I wanted to include it in today’s post. We have been doing this for 2 years now and have reached into this basket countless times! Every car needs one. It’s like a mini-CVS on wheels. Click on the link and you can see what all we have in Our Just in Case Basket.




#6 Have a Hideout

I have a place in my house that I go when I need to escape for just a minute. I have been doing this for a little over a year now and it is the perfect spot for our house. Would you believe that in all of my times of doing this, I have never been interrupted by a little one? I think it is partly because I don’t escape during the times my kiddos need me (meal time, diaper time, etc.). I wait till they are on to the next thing. The other reason I have never been interrupted is because this spot is so unexpected. It’s my 17 mo old son’s room. We don’t hang out in there. No one plays in there. It is just for bedtime and naptime. I slip in and shut the door. The sound machine is on 24/7 on the white noise setting (only because I can’t remember to turn it back on if I did turn it off). I sit in the glider nicely tucked in the corner. I put my back against the quilt that my mother in law sewed for me. It is made from all of my Papaw’s shirts. I put my feet up on the ottoman and I just sit. Sometimes I bring a notebook. Sometimes I take a call if I need to but mostly I come and sit. Just for a few minutes, long enough to escape but not too long so that no one finds me!




#7 Storing Frozen Meat

We just had our deep freezer in the basement die. It was a slow death (4 days or so) and thankfully nothing was lost. I didn’t even realize I did this but partly the reason we were able to salvage everything was due to the way we packed the freezer. Put all the meat in the bottom. Then on top of that you place your fruits and veggies and then the top layer is your bread and buns and stuff. The top is the first layer to go. Another great tip is I sorted and stored all of my meat in the cloth reusable grocery bags. Ground beef in one, chicken in another, pork in one, and all of my French toast in another. When the freezer bit the dust, all I had to do was grab the bag by its handles and carry it upstairs to the refrigerator.


(yes, this is what the cellar/basement of a 105 year old + house looks like)


#8 Hiding the Gross Color of the Smoothie

Smoothies are new to us. I have a kiddo that refuse to eat fruit and veggies 90% of the time, unless it is in the form of a smoothie. It works for the 17 mo old however the 8 year old, although she enjoys the flavor, I’m sure she will start investigating the color. The 5 year old already pointed out it looked brown. Sometimes it looks gray. Gag. So my solution…put them in a color tinted cup with a lid!



#9 A Kitchen Trash Bowl

I saw it on a cooking show years ago and I can’t even remember whose show it was. I put out a bowl on the counter next to my stove and collect the scraps, shells, peels, empty cans, packaging, etc. and only have to make one trip to the trash instead of a dozen trips. Usually I have a kiddo or 2 (or 3) at my feet as well as a dishwasher open and a poorly designed space where the back door opens into my stove and having to navigate all that as well as a kitchen island makes for a challenging experience. The trash bowl only shaves seconds off my prep time but eliminates tons of frustration and stubbed toes.



#10 Two Words…Audio Bible

There is nothing that can change the atmosphere in your house better than turning worship music on or having HIS WORD spoken out loud. IT BRINGS LIFE!!! So here is the easiest way to do it! Go to and you can see the verse of the day. To the right of that is the audio button. Click on it and soak it in!

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 10.53.19 AM

Hope some of these hacks help you, or at least made you smile. Blessings on your day! Enjoy being a mom! It is going by so fast. I’d love to hear your hacks! Leave them in the comment section!


  1. I love this list! Anything to make life easier is a blessing. I’ve been thinking I needed a morning list for my girls, and here you have one already made for me! Thanks so much!

    • I LOVE to hear stuff like that! I am so glad it’s something you can use. And it is so very simple!

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