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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

Breakfast in the Bathroom

Breakfast in the Bathroom

So I posted this picture on Facebook of my 16 mo old son eating a cinnamon roll in front of our washer. Well, it got more likes than the usual photos I post to monthly albums to help keep out of state family in the loop so I got to thinking there must be something about this photo. Maybe because it wasn’t staged….well no, I never stage my photos. Maybe it was because I let the camera angle include things I would prefer not to be in the shot. I don’t know. Maybe it is because it captures something that looks very creative.

Truth be told…wasn’t going for the creative points at all and moms with a picky, underweight eater will understand what I am about to say next. I just needed to get the kid to get some calories in and I wasn’t interested in another highchair battle. I gave him an unfrosted cinnamon roll and sat him in our half bath / laundry room combo that is directly off the kitchen. He sat on the little stool and ate about 6 bites and stayed there for about 15 minutes. That was a win in our house.

This little guy is our 3rd. His two sisters were and still are the biggest tomato, fruit and veggie eaters you have ever seen. Seriously when they were 16 mo old, they would eat a pint of cherry tomatoes and it looked like they were in a tomato factory explosion. Tomato juice and seeds dripping down their chins and elbows! This guy is just not like them. He won’t even eat a banana. What baby doesn’t eat a banana?

Want an even deeper glimpse into my life? Here are the things that bother me about this picture:

The first thing that jumps out at me is bleach. It never looks good to have a baby that close to bleach. For the record that door is always shut and he doesn’t have access to it.

Why is the door always shut? Not because of the bleach but because our house is over 105 years old and we had to be creative with adding a ½ bath and the only way was to add it to the laundry room and from my kitchen sink you can see my 5 year old on the pot…she never shuts the door. I hate cooking and looking at a potty. LOL Just being transparent with you!

I also do not like the silver shinny dryer vent that goes right next to the potty. It looks strange. It does its job but still its weird being so close. So if I were going to take a pic of ½ bath to show you, I would prefer not to include that.

The laundry detergent is sitting on 2 cans of paint we bought in February and have yet to put it on the kitchen wall and secretly the longer it sits there, I’m starting to not like the color for fear it is too dark.

The black thing above the brown paper bag to the left of the washer crammed against the wall is a little drink cooler / insulated lunch bag type of deal. Why is it there? Because the drawer that holds all the rest is full. Ugh, why do I have so much clutter? Seeing that is just a reminder that I have yet another drawer to go through still. And knowing that everyone one else sees it….well like I said….there is a reason that door stays shut.

If I could take that pic again, it would only include the washer, the stool, and the kiddo. Well I guess the dirty rug could stay too but if that was all I allowed in the shot, then I would feel false, like I was presenting something that isn’t attainable…and possibly cause discouragement in another mom’s life. I decided to go with the original pic….one that I hope many can relate too. This is what our life REALLY looks like.

Hope you enjoyed yet another transparent view into our lives. Any ideas for getting a 16 mo old to eat anything other than goldfish and animal crackers please comment below!!! PLEASE!



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