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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

Brunch on a Monday?

Pancakes, a visit to Dustin’s work, and a trip to the library, with my two kids, on a Monday, during the middle of the day, and all my daycare kids were at my house?!?!?! Yes! That happened! I have a dear friend from our church who came up to me at our church Easter Egg Hunt and said she had been praying and felt like God was prompting her to be a sub for my daycare once a month so I can be a stay at home mom for a couple of hours instead of being stuck in the house and not able to get out.

The first month she did it was May but I wasted it on an orientation for Anna’s Kindergarten and kept Lydia at home with her. Dustin and AB and I rushed to the meeting, rushed to McDonalds to celebrate with ice cream at 10:55 AM (I didn’t even know they served ice-cream that early) and then we rushed home so Dustin could go to work.

When June came around, I took a different approach. I crammed everything in I have been wanted to do all at once. The girls love to visit Dustin at the office. I also knew pancakes were a great idea but I didn’t want to visit Dustin’s office with syrup all in the girls hair and faces. He was very surprised, especially when Lyds blurted POPPY! across the office. Next was pancakes. As we waited for our food, we read a handful of books we had to return at the library. We grabbed another load of books and came home. All in 2 hours. Maybe 2 hours and 5 minutes.

I don’t know who needed it more, myself or the girls. I think it did all our hearts good. I am so blessed. It was just enough boost to keep going. I always say I feel sorry for my kids because they didn’t chose the life they are living. It is my choices. I chose to open our home and have strangers in it. I hope I’m making the right decisions. Days when I can eat pancakes with my kids on a random Monday helps a lot!

Thank you Jesus for the dear friend you have given me.

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