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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

Brushing off the old hat rack…I’m back!

I’m back!!! Why In the world did I walk away from such a fantastic blog my husband designed for me!?! I have asked myself that question a million times in the last 24 hours as I have navigated through the site. It was like I got to meet up with an old friend. Last night I read over old posts and had a whole mix of emotions and thoughts. Some made me gasp because I had forgotten a memory, some posts brought up painful memories. Some made me realize how immature I was in some areas. I wanted to take white out and fix it all. I took a couple posts down so ha I guess that is today’s version of white out. Some posts made me think wow, I wrote that? That’s good!

The last post was from June of 2012 and here it is February 2015…I could say that Lydia happened and that should be enough to explain the silence. If you are new to me and my story you will soon learn that Lydia is our huge ball of grace and silliness and energy. If you already know us, you could buy that answer but honestly…some of the hats I wore were so heavy that writing a post here and there was too much. Then when I had a moment here and there the guilt of not posting was heavy and then the part of my brain that wants everything to be perfect took over and won. The past 32 months have been filled with my husband having a stroke and eventually being diagnosed with MS only to be healed a year later thank you Jesus, two job changes, a new address, a new baby who by the way was in NICU and scared the mess out of me, a journey through cancer and the death of my best friend, the end of one ministry and the start of a new one… and so so much more.

Now today, I see such the gap and want to go fill it and catch everyone up but I will start where I am. I am not behind. I am right on time. I am just going to jump in! In the next couple of days, Lord willing, I will begin to try to update my hats. Some of them have been retired and some have been refitted. You will just have to stay tuned!

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