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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

Decide To Not Be Late On Community Day…10 Tricks To Make It Happen

Decide To Not Be Late On Community Day…10 Tricks To Make It Happen

Our CC Community Day is on Fridays. Being on time is so important! It sets the tone for the day. Did you rush the kiddos out the door and army drill sergeant their pop tarts down their little hatches? Or were you nice and calm and used a gentle voice all morning long? There is nothing more that I hate than arriving to CC (late or on time) and making our way to our seats during the assembly time and reflecting back on the last 30 minutes that took place to get us there…and then feeling crummy because I barked at the kiddos. I believe that being on time is a huge way to show respect to the Director and the other families who are also investing their time and money into this too. We all have the same common goal! One way of supporting everyone else is to show up on time.

Our first day of CC starts the second week in September and I cannot wait! Can you tell? Here are our ten tricks we are going to try so that we can be on time! Oh and by the way did I mention this is my first year tutoring so instead of being there at 9:00 AM I have to be there at 8:45 AM. Oh and it also should be said that I have an 8 year old, a 5 year old and a will be 18 month old and we live 16 miles away from CC.


#1 French Toast Friday

I have declared every CC Friday to be a French Toast Friday. Just last week I made a gazillion batches of French toast and shoved them into sandwich baggies of 3 and suck them in the freezer. I will pull 2 bags of 3 out and pop them in the toaster. The 2 oldest will eat 2 pieces, I will eat one and it will be a miracle if the 18 mo old eats ½ of one. If we are behind time, they can eat it in the car, plain with no syrup or powdered sugar. If they are diligent and timely with their morning responsibilities, then they can indulge with the yummy added sugar and enjoy the fruit of their labor. So my gazillion batches actually turned out to be 52 pieces of toast and the yummy smell on a late summer afternoon lured several noses to my kitchen and only 50 pieces remain. That will last us 8 weeks and I can make more either on our 6 week CC break or a lazy Sunday afternoon.


#2 Set The Outfit Out The Day Before

The 8 year old is easy, She is so content and compliant. No big deal. The 5 year old, she is a fashionista! Deciding the day before is a must and it is understood that she cannot change her mind once the next day comes, any changes will have to be for next week! And for me…well setting it out the day before will guarantee that I am not shoving a shirt in the dryer at the crack of dawn on Friday morning! As for the baby, instead of PJS on Thursday night, he will go to bed wearing Friday’s outfit.


#3 Shower The Night Before

I am totally laid back about my kiddos appearance. They do not have fancy French braid twists and hair bows the size of grapefruits at all but I would like to ensure that the 5 year old does not still have Wednesday’s PBJ remnants in her hair, just sayin! And if I am going to be putting the baby in the next day’s outfit, I would like it to at least be on a clean body! And as for me, well, showering the night before might eliminate the default pony tail…who knows. It’s worth a shot. (Oh and you have to check out my kiddo shower tip from my post Ten Ways I Have Made My Life Easier.)


#4 Presentations Finished The Day Before

Notice I didn’t say the night before? I said the day before. Shoot, lets say the morning before. First thing on the homeschool schedule Thursday morning is finalize and complete the presentation! Done. Final. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.


#5 Backpacks In The Car The Day Before

Backpacks get packed with presentations, non refrigerated snacks, and tin whistles and are loaded into the van in our special tote designated just for those things. The 18 mo has a mini backpack which will serve as a mini diaper bag. Ugh all the bags, I’m trying not to dread that part. I have a backpack for the 2 girls, a mini diaper bag, my purse, my tutor bag, our lunch bag and my whiteboard. Oh my. Ok back on point. As many of the bags as possible will go in the box in my trunk the day before, leaving only our lunch bag, our water bottles and my purse to go in the morning of.


#6 Lunch Made The Night before

Well that is just a given. I will fill water bottles and pack lunches as my girls clear the dinner table from Thursday night’s dinner. We will race and make it fun! Plus its fun to see them oooo-ing and aaahhh-ing over what gets packed. We will make it a family thing.


#7 Pizza To The Rescue

With all of the prep work that goes in to each community day, I am mostly meaning the tutoring portion for me, I am thinking that every Thursday will be a frozen pizza and bagged salad night for us. Ran it by the hubby and he is fine with it. Who doesn’t like pizza! And boy what a timesaver!


#8 The ½ Tank Rule

On Thursday, if my gas tank is below the ½ mark, I will go do a gas run. If it is above the mark then I’m good to go. There is nothing worse than rushing out the door only to find that the gas light just came on as you pulled out of the driveway.


#9 Morning Lists

We just discovered wearable morning check lists for the kiddos morning routines with hygiene and chores!! It has revolutionized the way our mornings run….seriously! It totally eliminates the gazillion questions and reminders each morning. Did you brush your teeth? Did you feed the dog? Where are your shoes? Seriously if you want your mornings to go smooth, check out the post Our Morning List…a Before School Routine.


Ok and I saved the best for last!!!

#10 Reward them!!!

Your getting out the door on time wasn’t just because of all your experienced nagging; your kiddos cooperated and were obedient. In our family, Dunkin Donuts is a HUGE reward! Iced coffee for mom…uh, yes please!! A munchkin for the kiddos…uh double yes please! I have a refillable thermos from DD that costs $.99 for a refill. And those little munchkins…well lets just say my kiddos make them last at least 5 bites and do you know they are only $.22 each! Lets do some backwards math. I need to be at CC at 8:45 and live 16 miles away. Allowing for a little traffic and no need to speed that is 25 minutes. 8:45 minus 25 minutes is 8:20. I have researched the next part well (wink, wink). 1 coffee and 3 munchkins cost $1.75. It takes on average 3 minutes and 19 seconds from the time I pull into the DD parking lot till the time I leave it and a big woohoo DD is on our way. So lets say it takes 5 minutes instead of 3.19 that could accommodate a red light or a car in front of me. So IF we make it out the door by 8:15 then reward here we come. If we can’t get ourselves pulled together in time, then no reward and straight to CC we go. Also, if you have one kiddo who is being ornery and non compliant, I guarantee that one skipped munchkin while brother and sister eat theirs will only happen once. Next Friday that kiddo will be the first one ready.


There you have it, not rocket science but it is a game plan and we put it in place. Blessings on all of you as you leave your houses on CC day too. Here’s to many community days filled with gently mom voices and obedient kiddos in JESUS NAME!

And as a PS I would like to add, one Friday last cycle, my kiddos were just being silly and disobedient and dragging their feet. We must have been 15 minutes late to CC. As soon as morning assembly was over I made them march up to the director and apologize to her for being disobedient and causing our family to be late and disrupt her assembly. Let me tell you that only happened once!!


  1. Thank you so much for this post!! It’s our 3rd year of CC and my 1st year as a tutor. We were late all the time last year so I really needed this!!!

    • So cool! It is our 3rd year with CC as well and my first year as a tutor too! Blessings on both of our families! No struggle this year!

  2. Wonderful ideas! This is my first year tutoring as well…abc’s!! Thank you for taking the time to help all of us hurried moms out! Blessings on all of our mornings!!

    • Yes! Blessings on all of our mornings! I’m with the ABC’s too.

  3. I love some of these ideas! Last year I decided that all my tutor prep had to be done at least 2 days before community day (our CC is Wed. so I had to be done by Sunday, Monday at the latest). Otherwise I was up til midnight the night before doing prep. Then I’d wake up late and tired and the day started poorly because I ended the night before poorly. I also made up “out of the house” lists that had everything they needed to leave the house. We’ll see how it goes this year!

    • That is great advice about having prep work done 2 days before hand. I thought about a out of the house check list too ask I was rambling on about the number of bags we will have. Great advice! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I tutored for several years and my 7 kids and I had to be on campus at 8 to set up my room. We found it helpful to put juice boxes and granola bars in the car the night before for an easy breakfast. We also put everything we would need in the car the night before and the little children slept in their clothes. We also treated ourselves to pizza for lunch.

    • I never thought of putting breakfast in the car. Genius! Although, in the winter for us, the juice boxes would freeze over night, so we could only do that in the early fall or spring time. Great suggestions. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for this! We start CC (and HSing)for the first time week after next (and my 4 year-old starts at a 1/2 day prek, M-F). We’ve been working on our morning routine and it’s been a little discouraging because sometimes it takes us half the day to accomplish (if we even get to everything that day!). I love to hear what works for other moms! Jen, lol… I totally thought you were going to continue that sentence as “and the little children sleep in the car!”

    • Fun! Blessings on your first year as you all get started and find your groove! Totally LOL when you thought that Jen let her kiddos sleep in the car. HA! If only I could let my teething 17 mo sleep in the car. 🙂

  6. These are great ideas! I almost always stop for coffee but I never thought of getting a little reward for the kids for being early. To bad Starbucks doesn’t have a cheap munchkin as incentive. I may have to research other coffee stops that are on the way for us! I would caution that your morning stop may take a little longer than three minutes. I’ve noticed in our area that there are lots of people on their way to work at the same time we go to CC, so it can take considerably longer in the drive thru!

    • Yes! I should have made note…I live in a small town with only 2 traffic lights and for me, it only takes 5 minutes tops. But you are right, most people will have to consider adding MORE than 5 minutes. 🙂

  7. Love – Love- Love!! Thank you for the encouragement and great suggestions. Thanks for giving of your time to share with the rest of us.

    • Yes! I am glad that you were encouraged!

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