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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

Finally a Pinterest Win!

I don’t even know if I originally found this idea on Pinterest or not. It might have been some Buzz Feed Facebook article that I saw at 4 in the morning one day. Regardless of where I saw it, I did it and it worked!

Coffee creamer in our house usually consists of several different options and choices. My creamer of choice is sweetened condensed milk. Dustin prefers fake sugar or as others call it, sugar substitutes. We used to get the Dunkin Donuts Unsweetened creamer but our grocery store discontinued it. We then switched to the Dunkin Donuts Sweetened creamer because it is not too sweet. I finally switched to store brand half and half…because Dustin could use it for coffee and I use it for cooking. Well one day, they were out of the cheap store brand half and half. I thought it might be interesting to mix it up a little and buy a flavored creamer for Dustin to try and then go back to our regular next time.

Little did I know, the Nestle Coffee Mate Crème Brulee Creamer that I picked up turned out to be a hit and it is currently Dustin’s favorite flavor. Any ways, back to my original thought, I saw the idea for recycling the bottle and using it for snacks, like a fancy goldfish dispenser. The ideas begin flash before my eyes like a filmstrip from 6th grade science class. I could put rice in one, Cheerios for Malachi in another one. Of course I would have to try to the goldfish. I could use one for AB’S button collection, one for Lyd’s marbles. Pompoms and pipe cleaners. Colored pencils. Man I am gonna need a lot of these.

I peeled the label off nicely, had it all washed and was drying it out and had my goldfish all ready to go in and my 7 year old happened to be loading the dishwasher at the exact same time. Powder went everywhere and I knew right then and there, the goldfish would have to wait. I just gained a fancy dishwasher soap dispenser instead.

It works beautifully. No more mess! Usually I am more frugal when it comes to fancy items at the grocery store, but knowing I will be able to reuse the container over and over again helps justify the cost in my mind.

Yay for a Pinterest win!



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