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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

First Day of School! Woohoo!

First Day of School! Woohoo!

I am sitting on my front porch right now in such a beautiful, raw place right now. Been up since 5:40 am. Coffee in hand, bible open, laptop playing old worship music, and soaking up a gorgeous sunrise in hoodie weather!! I am floored by HIS presence and find myself in tears. HE is reminding me of the all of our “why we homeschool” reasons and am thankful for the freedom to do so!


And I can’t help but sit here and intercede for my small sleepy town as it wakes up and we all enter this new season today. The crossing guard just took his spot. Several busses have already driven by. I saw a middle schooler walking to school, her backpack loaded down…I just wanted to cross the road and go give her a hug. A mom just drove by with her son in the front seat and I could see him holding his brown bagged lunch! I can’t help but pray for all of them. Not in a judge-ie homeschool vs public school way at all but in a blessing way! Praying blessings, covering and protection and that they all will KNOW HIM!. It’s just my                                                       heart is so full right now. I can’t explain it! I love our school! I love the safety of our home! I love our town! I am so thankful for all the great schools here and there is no place I’d rather be, than on my front porch this morning, seeing everything orchestrated and as it should be!



My Anna Bananny just joined me! Signing off now!


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