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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

Grits, Leftovers and Noodles…our 100 Meals at Home Challenge Continues

Day 23 | Meal 67-69

For breakfast we had half a “patch” of turkey bacon and instant grits. Lydia’s go to measuring unit is a patch. A patch could refer to a bite of corn, or a pound of strawberries, the amount of books she read or number of carrots she had for a snack. In this case the half a “patch” of turkey bacon was half a pound. As for the grits, I am not a fan of instant grits and wasn’t sure if my kids would be either. I always use fresh ground grits from the mill; either the ones my mother in law sends us from Lenny’s Mill in North Carolina or the ones my mom sends from Logan Turnpike Mill in Georgia. My kids didn’t seem to mind the instant grits after I put a slice of butter in them.

For lunch we had leftover “chicken on the bone soup” Leftovers, leftovers, leftovers…I will say it again and again; the beauty of the 100 meals at home challenge is that I do not have to “cook” 100 meals. There are enough components leftover from various meals at any given time that I can use a get out of jail FREE card! And with today being the first day I feel somewhat better and haven’t had a fever since my husband has been gone, I will gladly use a get out of jail free card and reserve my energy!

Tonight’s dinner was so very rare…in fact I believe it is a first. When I say a first, I mean a first that I ever served to my kiddos. I have this meal al the time, just when no one is looking. I already had decided that every time my husband is out of town we will do the rotisserie chicken, but today I decided that we would do the meal I am about to share. You see, I needed this exact meal for a couple reasons. I needed a pick me up for my kids; their beloved Poppy had been away 4 and a half days at this point. Secondly, I had been out of commission for about 6 days at this point and felt like I needed to earb back some of the cool mom points I had lost while lying in bed. And thirdly, declaring that we would do this particular meal every time he was gone brought hope to the situation. My kids know my husband is starting to travel more and they dread those times. Why not give them something they really want, something their Poppy would OBJECT to and make me look like a HERO!!!

Ready….drum roll please….plain spaghetti noodles with NO SAUCE, NO MEAT, just straight up butter and parmesan cheese. My childhood best friend Erin Greene introduced me to it. I about fell out of my chair when that was what her family had for lunch one day while I was over. We were 16. I can still see where everyone was sitting at the table and remember them laughing at my surprise. When I was littl, I hated sauce. My parents had a deal. I could have ½ sauce and ½ plain but we all know what happens, the sauce side runs together with the plain side. Gag. After I ate that, I could have plain noodles but wasn’t allowed to get a new plate. What’s the point? With Erin’s family’s way of doing it, I found the freedom to do it the way I had always wanted to but with butter!!!

My mother in law does a great job preparing dinner. Her meals always include a meat, 2 veggies and a starch. That is how Dustin grew up. If I put a meal on the table without a meat…he freaks out. Or if I did meat and starch but no veg he freaks. One time I made a vegetarian dish and he just couldn’t get past me serving the kids a meal without meat that he scrambled some eggs to go with it. With him being out of town, he couldn’t stop us and he for sure couldn’t go fry any eggs either. So when I put the noodles on their plates and butter for the “sauce” they about jumped out of their seats! We ate till we were stuffed and I didn’t have to coax my kids to eat. For those of you shocked that that is all I served my kids, you can rest easy, I opened a can of mandarin oranges and did a steamer microwave bag of cauliflower. So there, they had a starch, a veg and a fruit. Done. And I was a hero! And next time Dustin is gone, I already have 2 meals planned! Done! Done!

Here is a picture of Erin and me from a couple years back.


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