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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

If I Can Make a Smoothie, Anyone Can

If I Can Make a Smoothie, Anyone Can

If you have been following our family for any amount of time you know that my Mr. (17 months old) is a picky eater. There is no rhyme or reason to why or what or when he eats something. If he chows down on it one day the next time you offer the same thing he will chuck the fork across the room and say NO!

Until a few days ago, he wouldn’t even eat a banana. Seriously have you ever met a baby that wont eat banana? Not that he needs banana because when you have a kiddo that wont eat fruit or veggies and lives off of crackers and gold fish and milk can get a little backed up. Just sayin!

I have tried a gazillion things. Some worked but it is all dependent on whether you can get the kiddo to comply. The most effective was prune juice mixed with milk. I was tempted to go buy V8 Splash but ugh the sugar.

I was at the grocery store and saw a bag of spinach specifically for juicing. What’s the difference between juicing spinach and salad spinach? Who knows! The only reason I bought it was because the date was going out and they had it for 50% off. When I got it home and peeled the 50% sticker off I saw that it was covering up the word kale. Bonus….I guess! Who knows? I grabbed yogurt, banana and already had blueberries at home.

I posted the pictures on my Facebook and a friend asked for the recipe so here it is. It’s real technical and precise….not! Ready?

Put ½ a tub of the plain probiotic yogurt in the blender.

Then add about 3 inches of the kale/spinach mix.

Add ½ a pint of blueberries.

Add 1 banana (I picked out one with brown spots so it would taste sweeter. Don’t know if thats true or not but it sounded good in my head.)

Mix it as fast as you can before your kiddos see the green leaves and stash the bag in the very bottom of your fridge where they never peek.

Taste it decide to add sweetener ( I looked for honey but couldn’t find any).

I added 1/3 a can of crushed pineapple (juice and fruit).

Pour it into 4 red solo cups and one kiddos sippy cup.

Add straws (the thicker ones would be best but we just did regular).

Then taste it yourself and gag!

Instruct your husband to quickly change his gag face into a MMMMM!!!! face.

Watch the 8 year old chug it!

Offer her yours.

Watch the 5 year old chug it!

Offer your husband’s to the 8 year old too!

Watch the baby, the reason for the whole thing to begin with chug about ½ of his.

Put the remainder of his in the fridge.

Offer it to him again at lunch and watch it disappear!

Woohoo! Do a happy dance!!

And then repeat again the next day because the kale/spinach has one foot out the door!

*the next day we used all the same ingredients and added defrosted frozen strawberries and the yummy juice that goes with that!

I think we will do this once a week. I might even venture out into trying real recipes but maybe not. We will see.

Here are our yummy pictures!



These are only some of the ingredients. I added crushed pineapple to day one and pineapple and strawberries day 2. 


Mommy, it’s BROWN!! No, it’s purple! No, it’s brown! Lyds it is purple, just hush and drink it. (Actually I think it looks gray!)


Mr. trying new foods! Yay! (17mo)


Lyds (5) drinking her smoothie! Slow and steady! Woohoo!



AB (8) completely unaware that she has a spinach/kale smoothie mustache and I’m loving it!



Not making it up! She drank hers, mine and my husband’s!

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