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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

It is Amazing What A Gum Ball Can Do

It is Amazing What A Gum Ball Can Do

When it’s time to tidy the house, I call in the troops. Of course they mope a little but as soon as I pull out the gum ball machine their frowns turn upside down!! Our house has 10 rooms, 11 if you include the front entry area and 12 if you include the upstairs hallway which has a book shelf and sometimes is a catchall. We have kind of an on your mark, get set, go mentality and we start tackling them one room at a time. They know for every room we finish, they get a gum ball.

Sometimes we set timers and see if we can finish each room before 5 minutes are up. It never takes more than an hour and if their attitudes are right and they help with each room they could get up to 12 gum balls.

We aren’t a huge sugar family so for some reason getting this tiny ball of sugar is a huge treat. I am not sure why this motivates my 4yr old and 7 yr old but I am not gonna question it. Sure I will have to change tactics and mix it up every now and then but this is what works right now!


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