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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

It’s Inevitable

It’s like Murphy’s Law or the Law of Gravity…I think I will call it the Law of Inevitability (unless that is already an official law and then I will think of something else). Here it is. Are you ready? Anytime the cleaners come to my house (every two weeks) a major mess will occur in less than 24 hours.

Within 3 hours of their leaving yesterday I had a LMNOP kiddo pee on a cushion. Within 4 hours of their leaving my precious Lydia emptied a bag of pretzel crumbs and salt onto the hardwood floors in my bedroom. Within 23 hours of their leaving someone stepped on a wet and soggy piece of neon orange sidewalk chalk my precious AB left outside and tracked it into my house.


Stay tuned for the It’s Inevitable post 2 weeks from now 🙂

Oh and don’t judge me. I have 3 sometimes 4 meetings a week at my house plus a full time daycare. Yes I have a cleaning service and in the fall I might have them switch from once every two weeks to once a week. So there.


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