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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

Meals 34 – 45…No One Has Asked to Go Out to Eat Yet

Day 12 | Meal 34-36

Breakfast – Hotel Breakfast! We had sausage, biscuits, scrambled eggs, fruit loops, milk, yogurt, pancakes, muffins, hash browns, orange juice and coffee! All were yummy and all were FREE!

Lunch – We had my famous Zip Lock Bag Egg Salad. Before I left home I put boiled eggs in a gallon zip lock bag, a couple globs of mayo, salt and dill weed. Seal the bag and squish it. When it was time to make the sandwiches all I had to do was cut off the corner of the bag and squeeze it onto the sandwiches. Then all that’s left is tossing the bag and no dishes to wash.

Dinner – veggies, cheese slices, hummus, chicken strips with Chick Fil A sauce that I have hoarded and cantaloupe. Not to mention the bag of cool ranch Doritos that we downed and a bag of popcorn.

Day 13 | Meal 37-39

Breakfast – Everything bagels from the Pepperidge Farm Bread Outlet, a dollar a pack thank you very much, and chive cream cheese

Lunch – Sunday Nachos, the world’s easiest lunch!

Dinner – Spinach Lasagna, Garlic bread, Caesar salad and “Sierra Mist” Pie. We had dear dear friends over for dinner. She insisted on bringing her famous lasagna. Lucky for me, she brought me two!!! One for dinner and one for my freezer! I grabbed some garlic bread from the bakery at our grocery store, a bagged salad, and I served some green beans from Yaya’s garden. I also made a key lime pie however I had forgotten to pick up a lime to grate the peel. So I used key lime juice but lemon peel. So I told our friends it was Lemon Lime Key Lime Pie and she said no, its Sierra Mist Pie so there you go! Would you believe we spent 7 hours together?!? Can’t do that at a restaurant now can you?

Lasagna and Padillas


Day 14 | Meal 40-42

Breakfast – Happy Monday! Cereal and bananas

Lunch – Left over Lasagna and apples! So so thankful to have the lasagna again. I actually had my lunch at 11am….I couldn’t wait till everyone one else was ready.

Dinner – Steak and potatoes and green beans. I only defrosted 3 steaks, figuring one for me, one for my husband and one that the girls could split. My husband ended up staying late in DC and had a business dinner (he is the one exception to our 100 meals at home challenge….he has to work and part of that work is business dinners…poor guy…insert sarcasm! In all seriousness, I know my husband and he would much rather be at home with family than a fancy business dinner)

So I discovered something a couple years ago and it is fantastic. If you haven’t tried the Land O Lakes Sauté Express Meal Starters you have to. For this particular meal I used the Italian Herb flavor.  I first rubbed a Pyrex dish with a sauté express cube and quartered some potatoes and set them cut side down and skin side up and then chopped another sauté express cube up and sprinkled them on top and put them in the oven for 400 till I was finished with dinner. It is a first thing in the oven and last thing to the table kinda dish. Next I rubbed the steak skillet with it, and then rubbed both sides of the steak with it and added some salt. The steaks were thin so I cooked it for 2 and a half minutes on one side, flipped and then 2 and a half minutes on the other side. Once the steaks were done I set them on a cutting board and let them rest. For the green beans I took a Rubbermaid container of leftover green beans from the other night and cooked them in the steak skillet with the steak drippings and left over sauté express yummy goodness.

It was such a hit that AB ended up eating a whole steak, Lyds ate ¾ of a steak and I ate mine…..well ok, I ate mine and the last bit of lyds. I couldn’t let it go to waste. Kinda glad that Dustin didn’t make it home. I way underestimated my kiddos appetite or I really nailed it that night. Maybe a combo! Who knows?



Day 15 | Meal 43-45

Breakfast – Good ol’ faithful pop tarts. We had a day planned and I needed to allocate my energy in a way afforded me the most time to get prepared for friends coming over.

Lunch – Today was Super Friends Homeschool Day. I have a homeschool friend that has 3 girls close to my girls’ age and a little boy just a little bit older than Malachi. We had an agreement, I would provide activities and science experiments and games and my friend would provide lunch! She brown bagged it and wrote each child’s name on the bag with crayon! PBJs for the kiddos and I had roast beef 2 ways! Such a treat for all of us!

Dinner – Pork chops, green beans and potatoes. The green beans and potatoes were so good the night before. I wanted Dustin to be able to taste it too. So I made them just like I did the day before, minus the steak drippings for the green beans. As for the pork chops, I simply dipped in flour and cooked on a skillet. Next I made a yummy gravy / sauce for them. Every time I even think of this sauce, my mouth fills with drool. Not even kidding! It is probably because I love dill SO VERY MUCH. Here is the recipe from my mom.


3/4 C. Chicken broth

1Tbsp. All-purpose flour

1/4 tsp. dill weed

1/2 C. sour cream

“I usually double or triple the sauce because one recipe really isn’t enough.

Be sure to use the scrapings from the skillet because that is the pan you use to make the sauce.”


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