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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder


After falling asleep at the wheel on a long road trip and waking up feet away from the median and my husband screaming at me, we decided early on in our marriage he would drive all of the long distance trips and I would do the day to day driving. He would occasionally drive on a date night or if he had a whim. We recently have discovered that he has lost 50% vision in one of his eyes and the Doctors say is irreparable. Sorry to all the doctors out there but you do not have the final word. Remember my dad is a King and he can heal. In the mean time, I try to drive every chance I get and if he has a meeting to go to, I try to arrange a ride for him. I am sure he doesn’t appreciate the mothering or extra protection I try to give him and maybe I am taking some of his man points away, but I love my kiddos and I love him a whole heck of a lot and am happy to officially be the chauffer of our family.

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