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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

Our Just In Case Basket

Our Just In Case Basket

In our car, right between the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat I have a just in case basket. We keep it stocked with things that we have said “Oh man, I wish we had this or that” or even things we have had to pick up at a gas station or drug store while out of town. When we moved in to our house 2 years ago a neighbor brought over some fruit and M&Ms and once it was empty, the basket immediately became our just in case basket. It was the perfect size to fit between the 2 seats.

Here is what our basket looks like:



Here is what I was able to cram into it: (left to right, top to bottom)



Hand Sanitizer

Our many road adventures have given us plenty of opportunities to visit public restrooms. GAG! Enough said.


Leave In Conditioner

In our house we call it the sticky spray because it gets rid of our “stickies”, also know as 2 day old PBJ remnants.



Ever headed out somewhere only to look down and discover ashy ankles. No? Well lucky you. Also, I have a little one with eczema. It just helps to have this on hand. Oh and a side note, if you notice in the picture you can see that the lotion and sanitizer nozzle are facing out of the basket. I have that side facing me so it’s easy to pump them out.


Air Freshener

My mom gave me one from Bath and Body Works! Fancy, I know! My favorite fragrance is Mahognay Teakwood. It has a clean almost new leather smell. I’m not big on flowers and fru-fru smells. This one is great in the car. Sometimes you just need a fresh smell in your van….and let all the mom’s say AMEN!


Flash Light

My mother in law got us these really cool flash lights. I keep one in the house and one in our car basket. It has a bright light, but it also has a red light and then it also has a combo where you can have the white light on and the red light blinking and you can stand it up on its end and it could be used as a flare. Thank you JESUS we haven’t had to use it for that reason but its so so handy to have.


Pencil Box

It’s filled with pencils, pens, sharpies, and crayons (one of every basic color). Like I said we travel a lot. Sometimes that means school goes on the road too. If a math workbook says color all the odd numbers purple and even numbers yellow we wont have to substitute and use pencil for one and ink pen for the other. It’s the little things, right?


Static Spray

My poor kiddos have my fine, straight, static prone hair and the winter is the worst. Last year at CC the girls’ hair just shot straight up in the air during morning assembly because of the static created with the plastic chairs. Bless their hearts. I just spray the brush or sometimes will spray my hands and run them through their hair.



I use a pill holder and store earrings in there…just in case.


Clothes Pin

Don’t ask? I don’t know how it made its way in, but it doesn’t take up much space so I left it….just in case. (You know, now that I think of it, it probably came from an already opened bag of chips or crackers I snagged out of the house for a road trip.)



See that pink box? It’s original purpose was a travel container of Qtips. Now it holds flossers. There is nothing worse than having something in your teeth and being away from home. Well that’s not true, there are lots of worse things, but still it’s so good to have them close by.



Sometimes a McDonalds napkin isn’t gonna cut it; sometimes you need a soft Kleenex!



I am uncomfortably allergic to cats, mold and dust. It’s been a lifesaver having this close by as we travel.



I don’t know what brand this little roll is but I will say this, it was a gas station purchase. We just left it in the basket….yep you guessed it…just in case!



Ever buy something and the packaging is ridiculous. Need to open it before you get home? We did once. Have an itchy tag you discover on the way to church? We have.


Brush and Hair Ties

2 girls. Enough said.


Spray Bottle

I saw once where if you spray the hot metal parts of the seatbelt with water your kiddo wont get scorched or scalded. Fortunately our summer hasn’t been to hot but its still good to have….just in case.



We bought this on clearance two Christmases ago. It is LED and has an on off switch and changes colors. Each girl had one and I think this one was Malachi’s. There used to be a time car trips were not so pleasant with him. I think / pray we are past that. But this is still fun for unexpected trips at night.


Nail Clippers

Sometimes you just have that one nail that well, its gotta go.



One of my kiddos put this in the basket. I never took it out. It was from a craft project. Why not keep it in. I once used it to tape a list to my dash board.


Ok there you have it, another glimpse into my life. I love logistics and planning and organizing. This is just how my brain is wired.





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