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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

Our Money Saving, Time Saving Meal Plan For September

Our Money Saving, Time Saving Meal Plan For September

Every family does it different. It is just a matter of what works best for you. Sometimes we do fancy dinners. Some months I try a lot of new recipes with fine cheeses and a thousand ingredients. Sometimes we go out to eat. Sometimes, your IT contractor husband has some downtime between contracts (also know as downtime between “making pennies” in our house) and sometimes you just have to cater to the underweight 18 month old picky eater that wont eat to save his life.

For us September is going to be a combo of picky eater catering and downtime between contracts.

Here is our cheap meal plan and my super easy way of planning it out which makes budgeting super easy and a huge timesaver when actually preparing it. Ready?

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 6.32.05 AM


Super easy and super cheap. We have an ongoing rotation of waffles and yogurt, instant oatmeal, and cereal. Occasionally I will offer ABC toast or a smoothie…which are huge treats. Once CC starts, we will have French Toast on Fridays, which I made in advance and froze. If I have the energy or if Dustin plans on joining us I will make scrambled eggs. For the month of September, I will only have to buy milk and yogurt for breakfasts because we have enough stocked up of the other.



Sunday lunch is a given….Sunday Nachos! Ready #5 from Ten Ways I Have Made My Life Easier for more on our Sunday tradition.

On Mondays we use left over meat from the nachos and I do our Waffle Iron Quesadillas, which by the way a perfect opportunity to slip some spinach in!

Tuesdays and Thursdays it’s straight up sandwich time at our house (per Dustin’s request). He claims he could eat them 7 days a week. For my kiddos sake we just do it twice.

Wednesdays I do the Ice Cube Tray Lunch…it’s always a hit.

Fridays we will pack a lunch and take it to CC.

Saturdays…the cheapest meal in the world…. leftovers!! We do NOT let them go to waste at our house!

For the month of September, I will only have to buy cheese for our nachos, lunchmeat and sandwich sides. We are stocked up on all of our other meats so the nacho meat is covered and as far as sandwich bread, we get all of our buns, sliders and sliced bread at the Pepperidge Farm outlet store for a dollar a bag or less and then stick it in the freezer.



Ok I have a science to it. I hate trying to figure out what to serve. So I let the day of the week decide for me. I could live on rotisserie chicken 7 days a week but my husband would shoot me.

Sundays – pork

Mondays – Tuna Casserole (super easy to hide veggies in and the kids love it) We will not do this in October! With us still getting into the swing of school routines and me being a CC tutor, I needed a no brainer.

Tuesdays – beef in any version other than ground 🙂 This is our splurge day but you can see it’s still even on the low end. But thanks for my mother in law and her super shopping skills, she has found some great buys and shared them with us! The only meat I need to buy for September Tuesdays is a roast.

Wednesday – is the ground beef / ground turkey column. I have come a long way, When I was first married all I knew how to do was brown ground meat. Now we only do it once a week. The only thing I will need to buy is fresh veggies for this night of the week.

Thursdays – its our frozen pizza / salad night because I teach outside the home on Fridays for CC and I have to get this little homeschool family out the door early and we aren’t used to that! It is expensive….but of course way cheaper than eating out.

Friday – is the chicken day. Of course no chicken on the bone in this house…we only get that when Dustin is away.

Saturday – is our spaghetti dinner. Yay for another cheap meal and I can change it up enough to make it not get old. Ground beef in the sauce one night or Italian sausage another time. A great time saving tip is to make a double recipe and freeze half for the next Saturday, or I could go crazy and make a quadruple batch and only have to cook it once a month.


There you have it. No we are not organic, vegan, fancy, or a gluten free family. We eat what I know how to cook and buy what’s cheap. If I can pull out a fancy meal every now and then, my family will feel like it’s real treat. There are way more important things in life than food. Our family tries to focus on those things.


Here is the Word Doc if you want to change it up for your family:

What’s For Dinner MHD

Here is the PDF incase you can’t see my version of Word:

What’s For Dinner MHD


  1. You should try spaghetti garlic bread so yummy and a fun twist on spaghetti for kiddos who doesn’t like their spaghetti inside their garlic bread.

    • Hmm, so it’s spaghetti on top of garlic bread? Do you scoop out the bread to make a “boat” for it? I’m totally down for trying it. Do you have a link you could share?

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