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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

Our Mother Daughter Bible Reading Plan for December

Our Mother Daughter Bible Reading Plan for December

Did you notice one of the words I used in the title? Plan. You have to make a plan. If you don’t plan to get in His Word, it probably isn’t as likely to happen. I saw this bible reading / writing plan circulating Facebook in the month of November. It suggested writing a particular passage a day for each day of the month and they focused on thankfulness. It said it wouldn’t take more than 10 minutes a day. Earlier in the fall, I had started writing scripture out in a spiral notebook. It is one thing to hear the bible, it is another thing to read it, but I really have enjoyed writing it out. As nice as it was, well planned and laid out simply, I passed. Around the last week of November, I saw the same concept for the month of December. I saved it with all of my other “one day (sigh)” articles.

On a completely unrelated note, I had been searching for an advent idea for the kiddos to do. We have a Fisher Price Advent calendar but I wanted to do something more meaningful, especially since the 8 year old has out grown it! A fellow CC mom, Jill Gjamov, posted an advent activity that she created after her searching turned up empty handed. She created cards and each one has a verse (or two), each telling another part of the Christmas story. She wrapped them up and hung them on a string and the kiddos get to open one a day. I knew that concept wouldn’t work in my house. I mean it was November 30th and the countdown would have to start the next day. I didn’t have little clothes pins, I didn’t have any Christmas wrapping paper, and I was not going to the store. We all were still trying to survive the stomach bug. Here is the link to a PDF of Jill’s cards. Christmas-Story-Advent-Verses

The morning of December 1st, it hit me!! Ding ding ding! As I sat down to read my Bible, I remembered the writing plan I had saved and then I remembered the cards the CC mom made. I could do mine and I could have AB write these out. We could count it as a handwriting assignment and Bible! And we could do it at the same time, as a family.

Dustin sat in the living room with his Bible and study materials. AB sat at the table with her Bible, notebook and assignment and I sat at the table next to her with my writing plan pulled up on my iPad, my Bible and my notebook. Lydia just wanted to color, but I remembered she has a Bible app on her Kindle Fire. By George, it worked! All 4 of us did our Bible time together! What a glorious December this will be! We might not always be able to do it the same time Dustin does his study, simply because of his ever changing schedule, but I can always do mine with the girls. I hope this is one of the memories they take with them. I hope this is etched in their brains forever.

I may not get them to the fancy mall this year with the best looking Santa and I might not be able to buy them every gift they ask for, but this…family Bible time…I hope this is what they remember.







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