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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

Packing Our Lunch For Our CC Community Day

Packing Our Lunch For Our CC Community Day

I have learned one thing, if I put something in our shared Amazon cart and leave it there long enough, eventually my husband will order it for me. These containers were in there for 2 months.




What I love about them is that they stack on top of each other so nicely and fit nicely in my cabinet when I am not using them 6 days a week.


We also chose them for the particular color set. My kiddos have these amazing blankets my aunt made them and if we ever have the option, we color code….tooth brushes, school supplies, and in this case…lunch containers. AB gets green, Lyds gets purple and Malachi gets yellow.



Making lunch on Thursday evenings has become so simplified with these containers. I knew they would. That is why I insisted on keeping them in the cart so long. I line them up and start filling. I fill these much like I fill the Ice Cube Trays, I like everything to be matchy matchy even though once my kiddos open their container and sit with their friends and no one will every know they match, my brain is wired in such a way that my heart flutters when I see it all lined up looking the same!



Also, slider buns are soooo worth the money! Have you ever had to remind your kiddos to finish eating their sandwich? Have you ever said, you can have _____ but first finish your sandwich. It is always feels like arm twisting to me. So I got these sliders ($.89 for 12) from the Pepperidge Bread Outlet near my home. I’m sure they are more than that at the regular stores, but because of the cheap price, I grabbed 5 and stuck them in our freezer My kids love that it is small and they can chomp it down and move on! And lets talk about portion sizes in America (for adults)….I am very confident we can get by with much less…just sayin’!


Cupcake liners are my best friend! I have seen lots of Pinterest post with the silicon cup cake holders…I would love a set but I am very content with my paper ones for now. Swapping out a zip lock bag for a cupcake holder…not sure the price comparison but I have a gazillion cup cake holders in my house…so this was a no brainer for me. It also is easier for the kiddos to eat the snack and no plastic trash scattering the table!


Oh and here is a tip for ya….the best way I have found to store all the cup cake liners….a ball jar!


Cheese, crackers, grapes, ham and cheese sandwich and a little motivation to eat the lunch….a Reese’s Peanut butter Cup! (oh fooy…as I am typing this right now, I am remembering that our Community is a peanut free community! Sigh! I will put new motivation in before we leave this morning!



My only complaint…if you could call it a complaint…I wish I had one more. While I am making lunch for the 4 of us, it is so easy to just make one more sandwich and fixings for my husband. I’m not willing to spend $13 for four more, just so he could have 1. So this is what I did for his lunch:



Here is our link if you are interested in ordering a set for yourself!

EasyLunchboxes 3-Compartment Bento Lunch Box Containers, Set of 4, Classic



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