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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

A Tough Part of Our Story That I Would Never Change

A Tough Part of Our Story That I Would Never Change

It is easy to talk about it in chit chatty conversation with a stranger. Usually it is brought up when asked why we live where we live or why we homeschool. It’s harder to talk about it with friends because you have to take it deeper and more intimate than just surface level and that is hard. This was a very real, very raw part of our lives.

With strangers or somewhat acquaintances I usually say that my husband had a stroke when he was 36 and diagnosed with MS. We were told to prepare for the end of his life and that life as we knew would come to a grinding halt. He was a prisoner trapped in his own body. He dropped our baby on her head as his strength left his arm one day. He constantly would trip on stairs even falling sometimes. We were told our daughters would not have their Poppy walk them down the aisle. We started then slowly to pass off leadership of our church that we had started and we put our house on the market. Dustin started to slow down things at his fancy job with the fancy pay and started a company with his friend. We started homeschooling because I didn’t want to send my oldest off to school for 7-8 hours and day and juggle MRI appointments and neurologist appointments with my husband while I stayed home with the baby….all of us living our separate lives. No we were going to do this together.

So today, 4 years later from the start of those scary appointments, we live an hour away from where we used to, with our mortgage ½ the size of the old one (cut our expenses way down), a beautiful mountain view from our porch. Our small town has 2 traffic lights and we live within walking distance to the town’s hardware store and the little market that sells bread, eggs and milk … and lets not forget ice cream! Our yard is double the size of our old one. We have planted an orchard. We have fully passed off our church and no longer attend there. Dustin no longer works 4 crazy jobs. I still homeschool our kiddos (3rd grade, Kindergarten, and 17 mo). We travel as a family to speaking engagements where Dustin preaches and we minster as a family.

Oh and did I mention….somewhere along the journey God healed him?!?! Leaving only one small lesion in his brain and some damage to his left eye. Everything else is healed!! It doesn’t make sense. Why in the world would the pendulum swing this way and then that way and then back? His will and His ways are higher than mine. I do not understand it. I do know that God is sovereign. For some reason he has allowed our family to be picked up out of the M-F 9-5 crazy rat race life and set aside. We live what can only be described as a semi-retired life. People wait till the end of their life to make the life changing decisions we did.

Did we lose friends along the way? Yes. Some felt that because he was healed he should step back up in leading the church. Others think its crazy we moved to a whole different county. Why would you quit your fancy job with the fancy check? Some just couldn’t make any of this make sense. But I have to tell you, I wouldn’t change a thing. Dustin being healed is a huge bonus. Our family has grown so close together and so close to JESUS. I heard a quote once…You don’t realize JESUS is all you need until all you have is JESUS. There is not one day we take for granted. Every moment counts. Every word counts!

August 20th is a special day in our house! It’s the day Dustin proposed to me 16 years ago (1999) and the day he received the miraculous news of being healed 3 years ago (2012)!

So there you have it. You just heard my side…now you can hear my husband’s side. His has more of the medical stuff and the details of how he was healed!


Happy Second Birthday to Me (For Chapter 10 of the book)

Today marks my “second birthday,” which was named that by a server at a restaurant we were at with friends, Patrick and Su after I found out my final results from my doctor in 2012. My hardest year of life was over. The Dark Night of my soul had ended. So, today I celebrate again what Jesus has done and share it with you as I plan to do every year on this day!

I am sharing my Facebook post here that I put up in 2013. Maybe you didn’t see it, but here it is. For the Warrior’s Tale book, I will be sharing the full story over the coming months.

Here it is:

Happy Second Birthday to Me!

It was actually a year I had been sick. Diagnosis was an autoimmune disorder known as “MS.” I had had a stroke event lesions on my brain, white matter disease, some paralysis and weakness on my left side and loss of half my peripheral vision in my left eye with damage to my optic nerve along with some memory loss.

August 20, 2012, the neurologist at Georgetown University Hospital who had said that I would need to get ready for a life that would grind to a halt and prepare people around me for my quick deterioration and start planning my exit strategies and for my replacements in work and ministry and who had offered me a permanent handicap parking permit, came back to say that he “would not comment” on the pictures and tests and write ups we had before. That the current set of blood tests, MRI’s and as well as my physical tests left him no doubt that I had only one small lesion on my brain left, some eye damage which could not be linked to any issue in the brain any longer, no white matter disease, and no paralysis as well as perfect blood with no indicators of any “MS” or anything else for that matter.

When we asked him to comment on the papers that were written up about my degeneration and damage in my brain as well as the first set of pictures, he said he would no longer comment even on what he stated before.


When Lori asked, “what are you saying to us” through tears. He responded, “your brain looks good, how’s your preaching?”


When we asked if I had been healed, all he said was, “we don’t see this kind of thing. I am not sure what we are looking at, but I am releasing you. You do not have anything wrong with you. But if you even have a migraine headache again, you don’t self-diagnose, you go to the emergency room and call my office from there. People don’t just get better like this. You need to be careful! I have to release you now. There is nothing wrong with you and as for that one last lesion, I’ll give you that one.” And he smiled and laughed with us and congratulated us as we stated overtly that Jesus had healed me! He never denied it. He just asked that if I wanted to to come back by and see him sometime. He would love to see how I progress.


I’ve kept it off Facebook because after so many MRI’s, so many blood tests, so much time in and out of doctor’s offices and hospitals, I just didn’t want to talk about it. It was still too real. However, after dealing with all the trauma and now surviving this whole thing, I am beginning to share the story of how I went from a person with deteriorating back, lesions in the brain, white matter disease, a body that was fighting itself with MS, memory loss, a stroke event, loss of vision, and paralysis now to someone completely restored (minus the one eye)! I just want to praise Jesus on my second birthday!


I will serve HIM forever! HE gave me my whole life back!


Thank you IHOP Kansas City, Ken Fish, Robby Dawkins, Pastor Alice from Waldorf Vineyard as well as The Tapestry Vineyard, Steve Salsman and Dan MacLeod for literally being a part of my healing process. You all prayed for me to be healed and I was! Go Jesus! Now I’m beginning to tell the world my story.


Just because a doctor says it doesn’t mean GOD can’t change it! The Devil enjoyed my pain but now he will regret it! I’m proof Jesus lives! Grrrrrrrrrr!

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