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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

Staying True to Our Challenge – 100 Meals at Home…On The Road

I said it from the beginning, looking at the calendar and choosing 100 consecutive meals would be challenging and require creative planning. I shared about having to fix a restaurant quality meal. Another challenge that I knew we would face was an out of town conference. Breakfast was going to be easy…hotel breakfast! But it was the other meals…there was only one choice, I had to pack a cooler! I started to get my meals planned out and then some friends contacted us and wanted to get together for dinner. Well that threw me off. With us being 2 and a half hours away from home and our friends being an hour away, I couldn’t possibly say sure we will do dinner but it has to be a home cooked meal. I thought about saying how about just coffee at the hotel after dinner and not having to explain our 100 meal challenge but that would significantly cut down on our time together. So I hesitantly called her to set up the logistics and before I could even share my ideas she said, “so I was wondering if you would mind if I made a picnic lunch for your family”! I told her done, done, done! She heard Jesus!

So Friday night dinner would be their picnic and then Saturday breakfast was the hotel breakfast. That just left Saturday lunch and Saturday dinner to figure out. For lunch I decided on Zip Lock Bag Egg Salad and for dinner veggies and hummus, cheese slices and chicken strips.

Here is a picture of what I packed in our cooler. 10 minutes of packing saved us $100 in out to eat and afforded us extra swim time in-between conference sessions cause we weren’t stuck at a restaurant.


Friday Night | Meal 33

Dinner – Check out this picnic our friends made for us. Carrots, celery, brownie bites, applesauce cake, cheese snacks, toffee peanuts, sesame sticks, cheese its, fig bars, bananas, and PBJ sandwiches. We had so much leftover that we were able to snack on it the next day and we took some food home.

Here is a picture of our sweet friends The Diggins!


Saturday | Meal 34-36

Breakfast – Hotel Breakfast! We had sausage, biscuits, scrambled eggs, fruit loops, milk, yogurt, pancakes, muffins, hash browns, orange juice and coffee! All were yummy and all were FREE!

Lunch – We had my famous Zip Lock Bag Egg Salad. Before I left home I put boiled eggs in a gallon zip lock bag, a couple globs of mayo, salt and dill weed. Seal the bag and squish it. When it was time to make the sandwiches all I had to do was cut off the corner of the bag and squeeze it onto the sandwiches. Then all that’s left is tossing the bag and no dishes to wash.

Dinner – veggies, cheese slices, hummus, chicken strips with Chick Fil A sauce that I have hoarded and cantaloupe. Not to mention the bag of cool ranch Doritos that we downed and a bag of popcorn.


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