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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

The Hat of an Unhappy Pet Owner

Urgh!!! MOOSE! &$#@!!! He did it again. Its this new thing he does. He climbed onto my 4 year olds bed and peed! The dork! He sleeps in her room and if I do not let him out early enough int he morning he will climb on her bed and pee. I think he is doing it intentionally though. I mean come on. He used to last till 10am and the would start to bark or whimper to signal he had to go. Today he gave no signal and peed on her bed at 8am.

He currently is outside in the rain. I am so frustrated with him. We have talked before of getting rid of him but the 4 year old is beyond attached, and he saved her life when she was 6 weeks old, blah blah blah! Wondering how long I can keep him out in the rain this morning. Maybe I won’t let him back in until I have washed all the linens and put them back on the bed. I’m done venting…for now.

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