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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

The Last Slice of Key Lime “Pi”

We had such a great night with friends. They came over at 5pm and we had no idea that it was 10pm as they got up to go. It was so great learning their story and us sharing ours. Since they go to CC with us and it was Pi Day it seemed appropriate to make a pie. The only pie I know to make is Key Lime Pie. Here is the recipe I use. The only change I make to the recipe is that I use a little less sweetened condensed milk than what is called for because I like it to be more tart.

So after our friends left at 10 and we sent the kids to bed,┬áDustin and I split the last slice. After we each took a bite I made him stop so we could snap this picture…a few seconds more and there would not have been a picture. Oh and just a FYI I am not sure my grocery store’s brand was the best choice for pie crust. I might need to pay the extra $.45 and stick to name brand pie crust.


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