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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

Their Decision Surprised Me!

There is a movie on right now that the girls really wanted to see. We looked up the dates and realized it is going off the air this Thursday and the ONLY time it would have worked out for us to see it would have been yesterday, the same day we had planned to have a family fun day that involved not leaving the house, eating yummy food, playing games, soccer, more apple goodness, and full adult attention! Dustin gave them the choice…go to the movies or stay home! They said well I guess we will have to wait for it to come to out on Netflix because there is no way we are going to miss this day!

I often feel guilty because we are “depriving” our kiddos of the things other families enjoy (i.e. out to eat, movies, dance lessons, sports, season passes to Six Flags, vacations twice year…) but yesterday clearly showed me if they are being “deprived” of anything…it is the full adult attention family time! And for the record, my kiddos get it a lot…more than most just because of our unique situation with Dustin working from home and our homeschooling. They see a lot of our faces and we eat all of our meals together minus 3 lunches. With the volume of time my kiddos get, they still crave more!

Yesterday was blast. Worship time together…like 45 minutes and the kiddos were there the moment Dustin strummed the first strum. Homemade apple dumplings, apple sauce, an apple yogurt dip, leftover apple pie, caramel apples, caramel by itself!!! We taught AB how to play CLUE and she even won! We watched Monsters Inc, played soccer, did devotions together, watched Master Chef Jr. together. Lots of tickles. Went to bed with a full heart, especially knowing that this was what my kiddos really wanted! They picked this over buttered popcorn and gummy worms!

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