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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

Today I Chose the Hat of a Thankful Wife

Today I Chose the Hat of a Thankful Wife

My amazing husband, who is often overloaded and has 3 full time jobs not to mention being married to me and all the craziness that our 2 girls can bring, spent a good chunk of his evening last night and an ever gooder chunk of his day today to get this website up and running. I asked him casually one day this past week if he thought he could help me revamp a blog I had on blogspot. He was like, I’m not working with that trash (blogspot; not my own heartfelt writings). He insisted on setting this up and doing it right.

As I grilled our dinner and the girls played in back yard, he faithfully continued setting this up. I am sure I can find ways to express my thankfulness but first, I want to use this post to brag on him and put in a plug too….stuff like this is his 3rd full time job and if more and more of you want help with this, he can quit his first job. Cheers to Dustin for almost being able to quit his day job! just kidding. and if somehow this gets to his boss or any of his coworkers, he has no intention of leaving, he is the hardest worker you will ever come across and please be nice to him. He is our favorite person and you spend a lot of time with him that we wish we could.

Dustin, you are a fantastic web person and I am sorry I will never be able to fully comprehend the vastness of your skills and all the little tricks and codes and stuff that you had to do to make this site happen. I love you.

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