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A Curious Case of Multiple Hat Disorder

When Your 16 Month Old Says No to Food

When Your 16 Month Old Says No to Food

I shared a little in yesterday’s post, Breakfast in the Bathroom, about my picky eater Mr. Malachi. I offer him fruit and veggies at each meal and all he ever wants is ga-ga (his word for crackers). I always caved until now. No ga-ga for him, no chips, no goldfish, no cheerios…(at least not for now). I need him to EAT regular food. We used to get by on handing him a baby food pouch that had spinach and apples but now he learned that he can not only say no to them he can lure you in to make you think he is going to eat it but instead squeeze the cr*p out of it and watch it fly across my kitchen floor!

Since we took away ga-ga, now all he wants is his ba-ba (a sippy cup of milk). He refused to eat anything the other night, he would only drink. It can make the house a little stressful. I am blessed to have a husband willing to join with me and get creative! Dustin took his ba-ba and dipped it in peanut butter and jelly. Who doesn’t like jelly?!?! I mean it was on the outside of the straw, the inside of it….there was no escaping it. Malachi finally surrendered and had about a tablespoon of peanut butter. Sigh. We will keep trying! Thank you Jesus this is not the rest of our lives, just a season!


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